OEM Capabilities

Min Hsiang Corporation provides research and development, product design, aesthetics, prototype,and manufacturing servives for the world’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). To ensure excellence in the quality of finished products, Min Hsiang corporation built the following departments :

Product Development

Min Hsiang not only evaluates lighting concepts to find economical and value-added strategy but also provide outstanding design thinking. We utilize Catia on the 3d models for mechanical element analysis and by CAE analysis to prevent problems of the tooling in advance. Accuracy is our main target at this stage.


Industrial Design


Industrial Design involves creating design concepts, guidelines and final design specifications for products of diversified shapes and sizes. This includes determining the optimal choices concerning aspects such as functions, shapes, forms, colors, finishes and textures.

Mechanical Engineering

Our engineering team can fully understand customers’ requirements and then brings up the best solutions and proposals to customers. Offer what customers really need in different phases & the most competitive cost structure and let every customer enjoy our comprehensive & perfect services.



Photometric & Electrical Engineering


Optical design by ASAP software and LMT photometric tester to make sure the compliance with required regulations. Electrical design by all kinds of newest instruments & testers to ensure the safety of products.

CAE ( Computer Aided Engineering )

Moldex 3D

Simulate the widest application range of injection molding processes to optimize product design and manufacturability.


Siemens NX ESC

Electronic System Cooling.



Structural Analysis


Research and Development Equipment

Analysis of the results of validation through professional optical and electronic equipment, provide recommendations for product designers to make the production process more efficient.

MH-R&D equipment

Production Equipment

Import most advanced equipments and newest technology continuously to improve products quality. Because products with high quality is our commitment to customers.

Quality Assurance Test Instruments

To proceed with all kinds of tests and let all our products with the best quality, we have many precise instrument & test machines in our own laboratory.