About Us


Established in 1993

Min Hsiang Corporation was established in 1993 as a manufacturer of lighting products for all kinds of vehicles. Now all kinds of LED lights have occupied 80 – 85% of our production. Except regular LED Tail lights, Turn signal lights, Clearance marker lights, Backup lights, License lights, Interior lights for Trucks, Trailers, Bus,Motorcycles,off-road Vehicles, we also developed high power LED work lights & head lights. As a IATF certificated company, all our products conform to DOT or ECE standard.

With almost 27 years experience in manufacturing high quality lighting products we have achieved OEM projects from Ford, Polaris & Kawasaki in USA, Mitsubishi & Isuzu in Japan, Micro bird bus in Canada. Now almost 65% of our production is for OEM & other customized items. We always welcome your new ideas or designs for new items, since we are always ready to develop any new project for you.


Logo Redesign

Min Hsiang is always thinking about how to provide customers the best products, since the first day we started the business. Marking our 20th anniversary and looking toward to the future, Min Hsiang has evolved a new Logo and it means Min Hsiang has upgraded itself to a high level. We are capable of providing customers complete designing service on all kinds of LED lighting products from concept > ID > mechanics > electrics > optics > completion.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The principal of the Minhsiang Corporation is, "Except that pursuing the best achievement in lighting industry, we would also build a good interaction within company staff, customers, suppliers and related people and take responsibility of civil duty to have sustainable development."

Based on this principal, Minhsiang conducts its CSR activities according to the following guidelines:

1. Follow corporate social responsibility:

1.1 We shall not hire children who do not reach the legal age for work and do not accept suppliers who hire child labors.

1.2  We respect labor’s freedom and right. No form of human forced and no labor humiliation in any situation.

1.3  We shall have a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds standards for occupational safety and health.

1.4  We respect human rights and do not allow any discrimination.

1.5  Wages, including overtime, shall conform to local laws, including minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits. Working hours shall conform to applicable local laws.

2. Laws conformation:

Minhsiang promises to conform to associated laws.

3. Business ethics:

Minhsiang requires all of company staff to be honest. We have worked hard throughout our past history trusting relationships among internal Minhsiang, suppliers, business partner and customers. This includes upholding all laws in the places where we do business.

4. Environment:

•  We offer a healthy environment to company staff such as clean water, equipment with associated safety standard.

•  We make efforts to minimize waste and recycle materials from internal use, production, sales activity for services and disposal.

•  We take the responsibility of global environment as one of our company task ,promise to conform the government’s related policy and make the utmost effort to help build a green environment.