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New Technology in 2020

Publication : Q4 , 2020

Contra, it’s a new Min Hsiang’s technology, it’s coming from our designer’s vision and engineer’s great capability. In the new generation, we believe “Design is everything.” Let’s look forward to it together!

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New product : marker light with ground illumination function

Publication : Q4 , 2020

Do you ever think the truck driver hard to check the side of the truck safe or not when side marker light is illuminating? The safety issue is always in our hearts. Now, we succeed in developing the new marker light with a special function: ground illumination, and we not only think about the product’s function but also care about the product design, mix the function and fashion that’s what we made it. If you have the same thinking? Please contact us we wouldn't let you down.

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New headlight series in 2020

Publication : Q2 , 2020

Today, we’re glad to introduce the new headlight series for everyone. The New headlight series included the 7inch round, 5x7 inch, and 4inch, and they all-suite for SAE. We keep developing more powerful function and appealing looks on headlight design and this is it! If you interesting in this product and need further information, please feel free to contact us.

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